Games Scales:

Time: One day turns with three eight hour phases.

Morning phase: 0400 - 1200
Afternoon Phase: 1200 - 2000
Night Phase: 2000 - 0400

Distance: Depends on the game.
Military level: Depends on the game. The strategic game is designed for divisional level to army/corp level, with level being the high headquarters on the game map.

Orders: Both sides will have a supreme commander who is responsible to ascertain all orders relating to units in the field are properly written before submitting to the gamemaster. Orders can be issued to individual battalions, to all units under any headquarters, except for the top level.

Types of orders:

Recon: These must be issued before any other orders are submitted. Recon orders affect regimental/brigade headquarters only. The 'recon' number of these headquaters is the number of hexes any one recon patrol make make total. Recon patrols may be split up anyway the commanders wish. Recon patrols can have recon orders which patrol the number of hexes it is assigned and then returning, or they may be issued to remain without.

Air orders: These orders affect use of combat aircraft during the phases of the strategic game.

Movement: These orders are issued to regiments or battalions. The must indicate where the unit is required to go for the current phase only. Movement orders are executed by the hour by the gamemaster. Enemy action may restrict movment of units.

Combat: These are orders issue to regiments/brigaes with set forth the requirement of the component units in combat with the enemy. Combat orders result in a game scenario being created and delievered to the opposing sides

Alternate orders: These are orders issued by commanders which can effect a concurrent scenario being played out. Alternate orders are orders which change original orders set forth for the current phase, and thier execution is based upon the communications ability/ location of the units affected.

Strategic Movement

Leg Infantry Units: 3 KM per hour
Motorized Units: 6 KM per hour
Road/highways double motorized units movement. Hills and forests half movement.

Rotory wing aircraft: 100 KM per hour high altitude, 50 KM per hour, nap of the earth flying.


Engineer work can be prorated depending on when orders are issued and whether unit is involved in combat. If involved in combat, no engineering duties can be executed.

One engineer battalion can lay a single level minefield across a two miles hex in eight hours.
One engineer battalion can remove a single level minfield across a two miles hex in eight hours.
One dedicated bridging battalion can erect a combat bridge across a minor river in eight hours. The strength of the bridge is an issue for the TOE of the bridging unit.
One engineer battalion can repair a destroyed bridge across a minor river for infantry, trucks and towed artillery in eight hours.
One engineer battalion can repair a destroyed bridge across a minor river for armor in 24 hours, excepting for night.
One engineer battalion can setup a ferry for ferrying across a minor river armor in eight hours. Infantry in four hours. The engineers must be present and remain at the ferrying site for 48 hours after the ferry construction is complete before being released to other duties.
One engineer battalion can entrench an infantry battalion in eight hours.

Double all the times above as they apply to major rivers and to non-clear terrain.


Units withs radio have a range of 10 miles.
Units without radios must be within four miles of their headquarters to be in communications range.
Units without radios have communications delays in some cases:
Units with have been stationary and in communication for eight hours and execute all orders immediately.
Unitw with radios in range have no delay in executing any orders regardless if they have moved ..
Units with no radios but in communications range which have moved in the last eight hours have a two hour delay in executing orders.
Units with no radios and not in communications range which have moved in the last eight hours have a four hour delay in executing orders.

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