The Naval commander commands all air, sea and land forces in the Chernarusian theater, including army troops.

CDF forces have specific patrol responsibilies. Their area of operation is north of a line at Lopatino to the northern edge of the airfield, to Grishino and ends at Dubrovka. In practice, CDF forces provides infantry patrols for the entire northern zone except for the east coast.

The army commander is Zhelenegorsk is permitted to plan and execute counternarcotics raids anywhere in the northern zones, unless those plans intefere with the naval operations. None of the army or naval lift assets are permitted to be used in any operation expect for insertion and extraction. The top commander has made it very clear that army troops will neither plan nor request close air support, except as noted.

The scout car regiment operates in support of Chernarusian civilian police forces and provides BRDM2s for road patrols and occaisionally for army patrols.


Soldiers/Sailors:12 hours (by Air)
Soft Vehicles: 24 hours
Aircraft: 48 hours
Armored: 72 hours
Ships: 96 hours