Chernarusian Defense Forces (CDF) Deployment

Zhelenogorsk Army Detachment

4th Light Infantry Battalion

Headquarters Company (124)
3 Light Infantry Companies (106 effectives each including HQ Squad)
minus 82mm Mortar Platoon

15th Scout Car Regiment
20 BRDM-2 Scout Cars, plus one HQ Scout Car (Provides for counternarcotics road patrols)

5th Aerial Lift Regiment (-)
1st and 2nd Squadrons each w/ 4 MI-17 transports (8 total)(2 are Medevc birds)

6th Truck Transport Regiment
20 Ural transport trucks, 4 command UAZs

Support Troops (Billeted in Zhelenogorsk)
73 Signals and Supply troops

Recon Detachment
30 CDF recon forces (3 squads)

Ministry of Defense Army Detachments

These forces are under the direct command and control of the Chernarusian Ministry of Defense
3rd Spetznaz Group
2 10 man Spetznaz squads
1 10 man Spetznaz squad (Bomb Damage Assessment Team) (BDATs)